Wedding Color Palettes for Different Seasons

Wedding Color Palettes for Different Seasons

Choosing the right color palette for your wedding can be challenging! The options out there are endless, and if you're a color enthusiast, it can be a bit confusing. 

We've found that considering what season you're getting married in is super helpful! It doesn't matter what season you choose for your wedding, there are so many variations of colors to choose from. 

The purpose of this article is to explain how your wedding colors can be influenced by the season. Take inspiration from the weather and the surroundings when deciding what color palette to use. Your fate is almost decided by the season! Some ideas are listed below:



Summer weddings are super fun because there are so many varieties of color palettes to choose from! It’s a great opportunity to go for more bold, vibrant colors like pinks, blues, oranges, and yellow. And you can always opt for a monochromatic theme with one bold shade and a variety of that color in lighter hues. Get creative with your summer colors! Punchy tropical shades will all look stunning paired with neutrals.





Autumn is a super popular season for weddings because of the comfortable weather that’s not too hot or cold. For autumnal fall colors, think of rich shades of burgundy, rust, red, and purple. It brings a feeling of luxury and regality to your fall nuptials! You can pair these shades with metallic pops, muted color schemes, creams, or rustic palettes.




Color palettes for winter weddings are so versatile! There are a variety of colors to choose from, including pretty & icy pastels as well as bold shades of red, purple, and burgundy. Think opulence and warm colors! It might even be a good idea to use red and pink in your color scheme if you are getting married near Valentine's Day.





The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping - what’s more perfect than a spring wedding? This is a great opportunity to explore pastels and shades of cream, green, yellow, or coral for your color palette.



We hope that this has given you some inspiration for planning your color palette! And if you’re ready to find the perfect wedding dress, book your appointment with us at Poised Bridal today!