Poised Bridal: The One-Stop Boutique for all Brides!

Poised Bridal: The One-Stop Boutique for all Brides!

Poised Bridal: The One-Stop Boutique for all Brides!. Mobile Image

Jul 01, 2020

For many brides, shopping for a wedding gown is one of the most meaningful experiences in the wedding planning process. As a bride stands on the pedestal in front of a full-length mirror, accompanied by her closest friends and family, she is for the first time able to visualize what she will look like on her special day. Without a doubt, choosing a wedding dress is a huge decision. However, before a bride makes up her mind about the right dress, a bride must first choose the right salon. That is where Poised Bridal comes in. At Poised Bridal, your experience is sure to be unforgettable. With an unmatched level of devoted service, a vast selection of designer gowns, and adept product knowledge, Poised brides are sure to leave the boutique feeling fulfilled and well-cared for. Not to mention, the bridal experience at Poised does not end with finding the perfect gown. Along with providing the bride with a wide selection of exclusive gowns, Poised Bridal boutique also offers an array of accessories, shoes, and anything else that a bride could possibly need to complete her wedding day look!


Poised Bridal offers a luxurious ambiance feel, featuring white, antique French furniture, glass chandeliers, and sparkly tiffany blue walls. Their posh atmosphere, paired with an exquisite signature smell containing hints of bergamot, jasmine, rose, and amber, constitutes the ideal environment for a bride to select her wedding dress in. If the elegant aesthetic, the graceful scent, or the chic tunes playing in the background aren’t enough to make you want to pay their boutique a visit, wait until you see the unique selection of gowns that they offer from designers all over the world! No matter the style, price range, or special requisites, Poised Bridal is sure to have a dress for you. 


As if their already broad selection wasn’t enough, Poised Bridal also carries its own exclusive dress line. Nancy Velazquez, the founder of Poised, along with La Premiere, a Honk Kong Bridal couture, have designed a number of gowns using textiles similar to those popular among the most recognized bridal brands. Together, Nancy and La Premiere have created stunning designs that retail at a fraction of the cost of these huge brand names. That is to say, Poised Bridal offers brides the same high quality fabrics and superb craftsmanship for a much more affordable price. In addition to designing wedding gowns, Nancy also has her own line of handmade headpieces on display at the boutique; these, of course, can all be customized to fit the bride’s wishes. Speaking of customization, approximately 50% of Poised Bridal’s orders are custom made gowns. At Poised, creativity is encouraged and all brides are given the opportunity to create their dream gown, resulting in limitless possibilities.


The cherry on top of this lavish boutique is their accessories showroom. Supplied with everything from engagement rings to undergarments, Poised Bridal can, undoubtedly, dress a bride from head-to-toe. Not only do they carry every accessory you could possibly imagine, including earrings and shoes, but Poised Bridal also has everything you need for the wedding ceremony itself! Looking for a lazo? They’ve got it. Haven’t had time to purchase gifts for the bridal party? You can even find those here. All in all, Poised Bridal is a true one-stop shop for all brides-to-be. Without hesitation, this boutique is the best place to say “Yes!” to the dress.


Every Poised Bride lives Happily Ever After.