Interview with Yayis Villarreal: Planning a Wedding during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Interview with Yayis Villarreal: Planning a Wedding during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Interview with Yayis Villarreal: Planning a Wedding during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Mobile Image

Jul 29, 2020

“No matter how stressful the process may be right now, 

there is always a way and there is always an answer.”


The Coronavirus pandemic has put a lot of things on hold. However, marriage proposals have not been one of them. Although plans to propose in fancy restaurants or exotic locations were halted with the closure of public spaces due to the pandemic, many couples did not let these restrictions keep them from popping the question. Instead, men and women all over the world have gotten creative and found other ways to carry out their engagement plans during quarantine. Now, recently engaged couples globally are asking the same question: 


How do we start planning a wedding during COVID-19? 


To assist in this topic, we decided to interview fashion and beauty enthusiast Oralia Villarreal. Oralia, better known as Yayis, is a fashion columnist, influencer, and baker living in San Antonio, Texas. On March 7th of this year, during an emotional helicopter ride above Austin, Texas, Yayis said “Yes!” to her now fiance’s marriage proposal. Their wedding is scheduled for September 2021 and set to take place in Mexico City. Having gotten engaged only two weeks before social distancing guidelines, the Coronaivrus pandemic has shaped her wedding planning process from the very beginning. With the intention of giving insight into said process, we now share what her experience has been like so far, with you.


“I think I was very lucky in that my fiance and I had just gotten engaged when quarantine began and were about to start planning”, Yayis commented. “I didn’t feel as stressed as other brides who had already begun the process and had to completely change how they were doing it.” That being said, Yayis has still experienced firsthand the negative effects of COVID-19 on the wedding industry. With an increased number of weddings now happening in 2021, there is a higher-than-usual demand for all other wedding-related products and services as well. The issue with this is that some of these vendors, such as photographers and music bands, are already limited in availability. Thus, with the millions of weddings that were supposed to happen this year being rescheduled for 2021, there is more competition within the market. “Even though we have plenty of time left until our wedding, my fiance and I still need to hurry on deciding a lot of things to secure them for our date before other couples do,” Yayis affirmed.


Another main obstacle for Yayis and her fiance has been the inability to travel. Given that their wedding will be taking place in Mexico City, there are several details that they cannot decide on until they are able to visit the location and discuss them in person. However, with the current infection rate of COVID-19 so high, they have decided to wait until the risk of coming into contact with the disease is diminished before buying any plane tickets. Thankfully the ceremony is still over a year away, so visiting Mexico City is not a pressing issue yet. “We have a couple of months left until it is time to really get started … hopefully by then it is safer to travel”, says Yayis. Until then, she is doing what she can while still prioritizing her safety. Examples of this include virtual consultations with her wedding planner and other relevant wedding vendors along with trying out different makeup looks for her wedding day with MUAs (Makeup Artists) at-home.


As a public figure, Yayis is constantly sharing her wedding planning experience. One of the ways in which she does this is through a segment on her Instagram titled “Wedding Wednesdays”, which is a series of videos that documents her journey as she prepares for her special day. In these videos, which she shares via Instagram TV (IGTV), Yayis provides all brides and brides to be with inspiration on all things wedding-related such as invitations, the event website, the menu for the reception, and even makeup and outfit looks for bridal showers! When asked about her inspiration behind this project, Yayis clarifies that her goal was to “create a space of guidance” that brides could turn to when they felt lost. Yayis explains, “ … when I started the wedding planning process, I honestly didn't know where to begin. I had no idea of any details!” Therefore, her “Wedding Wednesdays” segment on Instagram started out as a way of helping out other soon-to-be brides like herself and preventing them from feeling as overwhelmed as she did at first. 


Although Yayis knows adjustments to her wedding plans will have to be made in accordance to how the pandemic evolves, she is staying positive throughout the uncertainty. When asked if she had any advice for others in her situation she emphasized the importance of “enjoying the journey even with all the added stress” because in the end, every problem you encounter has a solution. 


To learn more about Yayis Villarreal follow her on instagram: @yayisvc

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