How to Pick the Perfect Gown

How to Pick the Perfect Gown

Shopping for a wedding dress is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But with so many gowns to choose from, it can also be incredibly overwhelming. Here are some of our top tips for finding “the one!”



Plan your search about nine months to a year in advance 


To ensure enough time for delivery and alterations, designer gowns should be ordered six to nine months in advance. It can take even longer if you add beading or lace to your dress or modify the neckline or train. Are you pressed for time? Consider attending a sample sale, where brides can secure off-the-rack styles at discounts of up to 80%, if your dress of choice can be rush delivered for an extra fee.


Create a Pinterest board for your favorite wedding dresses 


Browse some of our gowns and pin your favorites. Consider similarities between the dresses by taking a step back. Whether it is the designer, silhouette or fabric, you should begin to notice similarities among the styles that interest you.


Be familiar with gown silhouettes/styles before shopping 


Consider the basic outline of the gown before getting lost in the blizzard of gown glossary terms. There are six general categories of bridal gown silhouettes: ball gowns, empires, A-lines, sheaths, fit-and-flares, and mermaids. You'll quickly discover which gown makes you feel the most beautiful if you try one of each on the first time you go shopping for your gown. It will be easier to narrow down the vast selection of gown options if you select the silhouette you want to wear. Then you can consider secondary criteria, such as the neckline, sleeves, embellishments, etc. We also have a blog dedicated to different styles of wedding dresses that will come in handy! 

Think about how you want to feel when you wear your dress 


Are you looking for sexiness, understatement, modernity, chicness, or tradition? Are you looking for a vintage-inspired dress? You can collaborate with your gown consultant to pull styles that reflect the feeling you want your wedding day to evoke.

Keep your entourage small 


Polling everyone may be tempting, but if you invite too many people, you're more likely to become overwhelmed or confused. Choosing two or three close family members to accompany you to gown appointments is recommended by bridal consultants. Your decision will be aided by anyone who can assist you. It is important that they are honest and have your best interests at heart.


Try gowns on with an open mind 


It is possible for a dress that looks so-so on the hanger to look spectacular once it is worn. Alternatively, you may not love a gown in person despite being enamored with it online. We believe that the more gowns you try on, the closer you’ll get to finding one you absolutely adore!  


Constructive feedback is important for your gown consultant


Don't be afraid to express your opinions out of fear of hurting their feelings. So your stylist can choose options that are more on-target for your style, they need to know if you dislike ball gowns or if you love the skirt of one dress but not the bodice.

Make sure the gown is comfortable by moving around in it


Instead of following what's trending, choose a dress that makes you feel beautiful. Do yourself a favor and skip pulling up the top because of your fear of a wardrobe malfunction. Avoid gowns that are so tight that breathing seems like a luxury. While you are in the 'honeymoon phase' of buying the dress, it may not seem like a big deal. Your most cherished day should be spent relaxing and enjoying yourself, not battling the gown. 


Don’t get hung up on what size fits you


Bridal sizes run small. The dress that comes closest to your size will be the one you order, then it will be altered or custom-made for you when it's time to buy. Rather than sizing down and hoping you'll slim down before the big day, it's always safer to order based on your current bust, waist, and hip measurements.


It's all about what feels right for you, not what anyone else thinks 


It's YOUR day and YOUR dress! Your wedding gown should make you feel beautiful and confident; no one else can make the right choice for you, not your maid of honor, mom, or anyone else. If you aren't sure if this is the dress for you, add a veil to get into the wedding-day mindset and see if you can imagine yourself walking down the aisle in it. It's a sure sign that you've found the one if you don't want to take it off!

And last but not least, be sure to book your appointment with your favorite friendly bridal team here at Poised Bridal!