How To Determine What Style Wedding Dress You Want

How To Determine What Style Wedding Dress You Want

There are many different styles, silhouettes, and colors of wedding gowns, and each features its own unique details just like every bride! In order to find the perfect gown for you, you should take your personal style into consideration. It is one of the most important pieces of clothing you will ever own! 

As our brides prepare for their wedding day, we encourage them to imagine how they want to feel. If you're unsure of what style to choose, this is very helpful! Would you like to feel romantic? Elegant? Non-traditional? You have a variety of options! Read on to see some examples of popular types of wedding dress styles if you're still unsure of what you want! 

Traditional wedding gowns will remain fashionable for many years after they are worn, in addition to being in style on the day they are worn. Keep away from low cut necklines or blingy details if you lean more toward traditional wedding dress styles. Choose a gown that is understated but timelessly chic. In keeping with the traditional style, Kate Middleton wore a long-sleeved lace gown for her royal wedding. Despite being timeless, it doesn't look dated. 





Soft, whimsical, and feminine are the characteristics of the romantic look. For a romantic gown, details are everything! If paired with romantic details like ruffles, chiffon, tulle, floral details, and a lightweight airiness about the movement, any style can be romantic. There should be an effortless sweetness and delicacy to it, like this gown from Sophia Tolli! 

STYLE Y22043


When it comes to glamorous wedding day styles, it's all about the drama. Picture old Hollywood glamour - beautiful starlets on movie posters from the golden age of cinema. Don't be afraid to experiment with sparkles, dramatic silhouettes, feathers, anything goes! Bigger is better!



Bohemian styles are defined by effortlessness at their core. With a wedding dress, you can achieve this in many ways! The key is to achieve the look and feel of free-flowing comfort that allows for beautiful movement, regardless of whether your gown has crochet lace, bell sleeves, and fringe. Don't wear anything constricting or fussy! 

STYLE 19-118


Wedding gowns of the modern era serve as a bridge between traditional and romantic styles. There are a lot of similarities in the details between them! It has clean, sleek lines, unfussy fabrics like silk satin and crepe, and architectural details that make a dress more modern. Make your wedding day a modern-day piece of art! 

STYLE 220121


We hope you have found your dream wedding day style through these gowns! Are you ready to find “the one” with us? Book an appointment with us today at Poised Bridal!