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Jun 17, 2020

Disney Princesses have been, and will continue to be, a pivotal part of every generations’ childhood - and although our interest for certain things tends to fade as we get older, this does not seem to be the case when it comes to the fondness many of us share regarding these magical fairy tales. That being said, have you ever wondered about the life of your favorite Disney princesses beyond the end of the films? Did Snow White stay in touch with the seven dwarfs after she married the Prince? How often does Ariel visit her friends and family in the sea? More specifically, have you ever imagined what your most cherished princess wore on the day of her wedding? Although some films, such as Cinderella and The Little Mermaid, give us a small glimpse into what this special day looked like, most of them leave this detail completely to the imagination. For this reason, taking into account the princesses’ unique personalities, I have conceptualized what I would imagine their ideal wedding gown to be. Although there are currently twelve official princesses in the Disney Princess line-up, this was done for the original six: Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, and Jasmine. 



Snow White 


Aside from her cheerful personality and kind heart, Snow White is also well-known for her adoration of nature and its creatures. Throughout the film, and in other sorts of adaptations, she is frequently seen roaming around the forest - singing and dancing with her furry friends. For this reason, it would be quite fitting for Snow White’s wedding ceremony to take place outdoors, given that it would not be complete without the presence of the squirrels, the birds and the trees. In order to ensure she can comfortably move around the forest, and avoid getting her gown caught in any weeds or vines, Snow White would definitely have to be wearing a tea-length dress. The hemline of a tea-length dress usually hangs at about mid-calf and is always above the ankle, which makes for a great alternative to the more common, floor-sweeping gown - especially for outdoor occasions. Lastly, Snow White’s dress should be adorned with delicate 3D florals to pay homage to her admiration of nature and all of its fascinating flora and fauna. Put together, this look would surely have Snow White looking like “The Fairest One of All.” 




The tale of Cinderella is one of the most famous in the world and there exist hundreds of interpretations. However, even with the abundance of different versions, one facet of the story always prevails: Cinderella’s blue dress. When Cinderella arrives at the royal ball, dressed in her enchanting gown, everyone stops and stares; which is the reaction that Cinderella deserves on her wedding day as well. For that reason, of all the wedding gowns, Cinderella’s would certainly have to be the most extravagant. Taking this into account, and also considering the types of wedding dress silhouettes that exist, there would be no better style for Cinderella to wear on her special day than the classic ball gown. The full skirt, puffed out by plentiful layers of tulle, and cinched waist would once again give her the fairytale princess demeanor that she so confidently displayed when she first set foot in the castle. As for the fabric of the dress, anything that sparkles or glitters would enhance Cinderella’s flashy look. Finally, her wedding look would not be complete without a monarch train. The monarch train, also known as the “royal” train,  is the longest kind of wedding veil that exists. For a princess like Cinderella, no veil would work better than one that will endlessly drag on behind her. In this extravagant ensemble, Cinderella would, once again, steal Prince Charming’s heart.




Trusting that she would be awake for her wedding day, Princess Aurora would certainly be the most comofortably dressed bride. When choosing what to wear on her wedding day, this beauty’s main concern would be being dressed in something that she could, quite possibly, fall asleep in. Aside from the obvious requirement of a soft, lightweight fabric, an A-Line/ Off-the-Shoulder gown with a side slit would be an ideal option for this bride. Undoubtedly, Aurora would steer clear of any fitted gowns, hence the alternative of an A-line silhouette. An A-line skirt, which creates an “A” shape on the body, flares out naturally from the waist and would in no way restrict movement - or, in Aurora’s case, the ability to jump in bed at any moment. In addition, the A-line skirt combined with an off-the-shoulder design would further provide for a more relaxed look and feel overall. Finally, regarding the general look of the dress, Aurora would likely opt for a light-pink or blush colored gown rather than a traditional white given that, in the film, she is seen wearing a darker hue of said color. Put together, the style and shade of Aurora’s dress would result in a feminine and effortlessly elegant wedding day ensemble - perfect for our Sleeping Beauty.




Ariel may have given up her fish-tail for human legs and feet, but that doesn’t mean she can’t still flaunt a mermaid tail on the day of her wedding. In order to embody what her life was like under the sea, a strapless trumpet or mermaid gown would be the most fitting wedding day look for this former mermaid. Although neither of these dress silhouettes is decorated with scales, both styles are perfect for any bold bride looking to show off her figure. The main difference between the design of these gowns is where the flare of the skirt begins; while mermaid dresses spread out at or below the knee, trumpet dresses allow for more mobility by having the skirt begin to widen at mid-thigh. Depending on personal preference, specifically regarding how dramatic they want the skirt to be, a bride can opt for either form of the gown. In Ariel’s case, since she is no stranger to properly handling a fish-tail, pulling off a mermaid dress rather than a trumpet dress should be no problem. With this gown, Ariel would once again get to be “The Little Mermaid'' - even if just for one more evening. 




Belle is not only beautiful, but intelligent. In the film, when we are first introduced to her, she is on her way to the bookstore to return a book she has just finished reading and obtain a new one. As she walks out of the shop, “with her head stuck in a book,” the townspeople in her small French village whisper amongst themselves - calling her names like “strange” and “peculiar” given her interest in literature. However, said interest is what makes Belle one of, if not the most, sophisticated Disney princesses. Not only does Belle have an intricate vocabulary, but she also possesses both a bold imagination and an open mind, which is why she is able to look past the Beast’s appearance and into his heart. For her wedding dress to match her persona, it would have to be a design that embodies her maturity without clouding her youth. Although these ideas seem to be counterparts, this look can be achieved with a long sleeve, buttoned back gown with a column silhouette. Column dresses are slim-fitting gowns that fall straight to the floor. The way this type of dress skims the natural curves of the body creates a structured, statuesque look ideal for any bride who, like Belle, wants to pull off an elegant yet modern look; the buttoned back would be the cherry on top. Without a doubt, this classy ensemble would once again turn Belle into the talk of the town - and if the townspeople want to call her “peculiar”, so be it. 




Because of her status as a princess, Jasmine often feels suffocated by the restrictions that are placed upon her given the laws of her kingdom, Agrabah. For this reason, she yearns to diverge from her societal confines and be fully independent in her choices. Throughout the film, she is portrayed as a rebellious, young woman who does not hesitate to do as she wishes even if it means going against the status quo. An example of Princess Jasmine’s deviation from the ordinary is her vestment. Of the twelve princesses that make up the official Disney Princess lineup, she is the only one that deviates from wearing a dress or a skirt. Thus, on her wedding day, it is only logical that this uniqueness be upheld. To complement her unrestricted character, Jasmine’s wedding look should be anything but traditional. In the same way that she constantly defies the limitations of royalty, she would most certainly defy the standards of a conventional wedding dress. Therefore, the most appropriate thing for Jasmine to wear on her wedding day would be a white jumpsuit with a structured skirt overlay. Not only would this one-piece fall perfectly in line with her free nature, but it would do so without diminishing her femininity due to the superimposed half-skirt. 


Which of the Princesses are you most like? Would your choice of wedding dress resemble hers?



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